Saturday, September 3, 2011

Milroy Amish School Auction

Today was the 50th Annual Milroy Amish School Auction. Auctions are always fun events but this one even more so as they always have a great selection of quilts and quilt tops. I got there in time to briefly look through the quilts. They were piled up and it was difficult to get a good look at all of them before they started auctioning them off. But I was able to see a few that I found interesting.

One of the quilts I bought was a whole cloth - or Plain Quilt as it was labeled. It had been marked and hand quilted beautifully. The picture of the entire quilt doesn't do it justice but you can see the elegant design in this section of the quilt. What a treasure!
I also purchased two quilt tops. I had purchased a black and white Lone Star quilt top a few years ago and quilted it for my grandson. When this Lone Star quilt top came up for sale, I was sucked in. I know how I'd like to quilt this and can't wait to get started.

The other quilt top I purchased was also a Lone Star. What attracted me to this was that it was red, white and black - a color scheme that I love. I've been collecting red, black and white fabrics for awhile now so need to look for a different pattern for the one I make. This has some wild fabrics and that's what I love about this quilt top.

Towards the end of the auction, they had several smaller quilts, table runners and other fun stuff. Look at the fun quilt I got for a song!

I have a special purpose in mind for this small quilt and it makes me smile - certainly worth what I paid for it.



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